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Why go to FedGeoDay 2016?

September 16, 2016


On October 13th, the 3rd annual FedGeoDay conference will run. For completeness, the series had a bit of a break before starting up again in 2015.

Who is speaking?

This conference series is a very interesting one, in my opinion, as it features a number of talks by people working for U.S. Government agencies. This includes: NASA, NGA, DoT, FCC, EPA, Army Corps of Engineers, Census, and much more.

It also features top talent from organization such as Boundless, Azavea, Cesium, MapStory, Red Cross, AppGeo, OpenSensorHub, Hobu, Sand Hill Geographic, DigitalGlobe, and more.

Speakers at FedGeoDay are sharing their expertise, lessons learned, best practice, important perspectives on policy, and more. All of this is around a central theme of open source software and open data use in government.

So why go to FedGeoDay?

Geospatial technology is becoming ubiquitous. At the same time, it is an area of rapid innovation. The FedGeoDay program is designed to cover both areas.

You will hear about successful deployments, the best practice for policy, as well as the latest highly innovative research. You will meet experts and other practitioners.

This conference is also a lot of fun. It has a unique atmosphere that is very supportive, enthusiastic, and open to great ideas for getting things done.

Participating is one of the best way to learn about what these agencies are doing, and meet experts.  Talk to them, learn crucial skills to benefit your career, network with your peers and share your experiences.

I’ll be there, and I would love to see you there too!

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