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Sneak peek at FOSS4G NA 2016 Pricing

November 17, 2015

Dear Everyone,

For those interested in FOSS4G NA 2016, it runs May 2nd to 5th in Raleigh, North Carolina, U.S.A.. This post is intended to be helpful for budgeting purposes, as many of you are doing budget planning for 2016.

Registration will open early in the new year. Here’s a bunch of hopefully helpful notes about registration in the meantime.

Oh, and the Call for Proposals is now open. You may be interested to learn that:

  • The first speaker on each talk will receive a free full access pass!!
  • The first two workshop speakers for each workshop will receive a free full access pass!!
  • We will also be offering a limited supply of scholarships for people that need them. More on this soon

There are a variety of passes for FOSS4G NA 2016. We anticipate being able to hold pricing the same as FOSS4G NA 2015. Here’s a synopsis so you can plan ahead:

  • Full access – 4 days, $800 early, includes all workshops and sessions, plus receptions
    we’ll offer a special $100 discount to alumni who participated last year and to project committers for OSGeo or LocationTech projects.
  • sessions only – 3 days, $600 early, includes everything except workshops
  • non corporate pass – 4 days, $500 always (doesn’t go up), includes all workshops and sessions, plus receptions. This pass is only for those people whose organizations are not reimbursing them.
  • student pass – 4 days, $400 always (doesn’t go up), includes all workshops and sessions, plus receptions.
  • theme day pass – 1 day, $200 for the day (doesn’t go up), only provides access to the theme days and keynotes (i.e. PGDay, Web Mapping day, or Big Data Day.)
  • Exhibits only – 4 days, but limited to exhibits, $150 (doesn’t go up), Does not provide access to sessions & lunch is not included.

Addendum: Some people have asked if pricing goes up as we get closer to the event and especially if people register on site. Yes, it does. Please do register early and save yourself some money.

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