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Where should FOSS4G NA 2016 be located?

March 16, 2015

For those who came to NA 2015, please take a moment to fill out the attendee survey we emailed to you. Included in that survey is where you’d like next year to be hosted.

Assuming the survey results show people were happy (so far so good!), we plan to get venue (& other service) bids from a number of cities.

For 2015, we looked at D.C., Austin, Boston, San Francisco, Portland, Denver, Philly, and more.

When the data all came back, it became very clear that San Francisco was the winner for various reasons… notably on the list, the hotel rate was $50/room/night less than the other bidders which we felt was important. Very nice to do outreach in the bay area too. Working with Ragi & the bay area geo community was awesome too!

In addition to the above… Charlotte N.C. & Raleigh might be possibilities for 2016. Normally having an international airport is a really big deal. For a regional conference like NA, maybe we have a bit more wiggle room and thus can consider other cities and maybe get an even better hotel rate!

What do you think? I’d love to hear from you.

If you weren’t at NA 2015, please feel free to comment here or drop me a line at andrew dot ross at eclipse dot org. I’d love to get your thoughts!

  1. In terns of dates, it looks like Esri’s devsummit is March 8-11, 2016. So we’ll want to avoid a conflict.

  2. Eddie Pickle permalink

    I think Raleigh could be a good option. The airport is good and close, and downtown Raleigh has quite a bit to offer.

  3. We should definitely reconsider Philly and Boston and what about Pittsburgh as well?

  4. Will permalink


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