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Should Eclipse do rolling releases?

March 12, 2013

Some of you may have already been following the discussions taking place in the Ubuntu community. For those who haven’t, it has been a very interesting, relevant, & passionate examination of Ubuntu’s release management processes/cycle including Long Term Support.

Particularly interesting in the discussions is the proposed move from a regular release (not unlike the Eclipse simultaneous release) to a rolling release concept. One of the latest posts on the topic is from Mark Shuttleworth including a strawman proposal.

The Eclipse community has had its own discussions about the right approach in this regard. Notably around the switch to Eclipse 4.x and balancing stability/robustness/performance against innovation, evolution, and timely acceptance of contributions. Alex Kurtakov from Red Hat wrote an excellent blog post inspired by the LibreOffice community & hitting on some of the pain points hindering community development and encouraging newcomers to contribute within the Eclipse community.

The work the team has recently done to move the Eclipse platform to the Common Build Infrastructure has made it much more accessible & easier for people to build than it has been for the last 10 years – just a single command. The major overhaul of Eclipse’s IP process also makes things a lot easier. The Long Term Support working group and forge offer new possibilities for support and maintenance that were not available before. These are significant in the history and evolution of Eclipse. Each is a big deal on its own. Collectively they have massive potential. We need your help to ensure they are used to their maximum potential.

At EclipseCon 2013 in Boston (March 25-28th), there are meetings where you can learn more and participate in the discussions. Space is limited so please sign up in advance with the links provided below:

For those of you who might not be able to make it to these sessions, I encourage you to participate in discussions on the CBI & LTS mailing lists.

For those that are interested in getting started with Eclipse, moving their project to build with the CBI, hacking the code on an interesting project, or meeting some pretty amazing Eclipse committers – we are also holding a Code Sprint. We have a few more spots left for those who wish to participate.

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