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Introducing LocationTech

July 9, 2012

LocationTech is a new industry working group forming to focus on location aware technologies. The same team behind Eclipse and Polarsys are supporting LocationTech.

The group is a partnership between organizations and individuals with a strong interest in location aware technologies. In particular, the group has chosen a few focus areas to start:

  1. Desktop, Web, and Mobile Mapping
  2. Model based design
  3. Data capture, storage, processing, and exchange. Especially for very large data sets and real time demands.

The group will collaborate to:

  1. Provide a well managed software forge with best in class tools & services
  2. Produce re-usable software components that are high quality, IP-clean, and highly interoperable
  3. Produce (software) reference implementations of standards
  4. Ensure a sustainable commercial ecosystem exists around the above software components
  5. Organize events, and jointly market and promote the group, and software

LocationTech is both a community of open source communities and trade association of member organizations. The organizations have a symbiotic relationship with the open source projects. LocationTech is based on the proven Eclipse governance model and benefits from the Foundation’s 15 full time staff members providing essential services. Eclipse has an ecosystem of 187 member companies and more than 265 open source projects. The Eclipse ecosystem is perhaps most famous for the Eclipse IDE used by countless millions of developers worldwide & downloaded 2M+ times each month.

For more information and to get involved, please visit LocationTech.

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