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How do you compete based on open source?

April 24, 2012

Why Open Source Location Technology? Or frankly why use open source in general? Well, because chances are a lot of what you do is similar to what everyone else is doing. But wait… how can we compete if we use some of the same code? After all, if I have it, then my competitor has it too. This is a good question and worth thinking about.

Got an advantage maybe?

Zoom zoom zoom!

When you think about it, it will likely become clear that there are countless ways to compete. Do you have the same creativity & design talent at your shop? Do you have the same understanding of your customer’s needs? Do you have the same technology experience such as building applications that can scale to huge workloads and provide high reliability? Do you have the same network of relationships and partners? Do you have the same policies and procedures? Is your ability to recruit, train, retain, and motivate employees the same? Are you located in the same proximity to important consumers or talent? Do you have the same understanding of a unique niche? Is your customer service the same? Will you set the same price as your competitors? You get the idea… chances are you have some unique advantage.

There is plenty of room to compete even if sharing commodity technology under the covers makes a lot of sense. You’ll note I wrote commodity and not open source. This was on purpose because for the bulk of the ways you’ll compete in the marketplace, it’s likely you’ll compete the same ways regardless of whether you’re using open our closed source code.

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