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Interesting things at Eclipse

April 23, 2012

It seems fitting that my first post on this new blog should discuss some of the interesting things I’ve been working on at Eclipse.

Here are a few interesting items I’d like to share some information about:

The Common Build Infrastructure (CBI) is aimed at making it even easier to build, sign, test, distribute binaries, and contribute changes. Being able to build your own version of the Eclipse platform easily in mere minutes is pretty awesome. We’ve also hired a full-time professional release engineer here at the Foundation , Thanh Ha, to help projects use the best & latest build technologies.

The Long Term Support (LTS) Industry Working Group is aimed at ensuring software can be modified, built, signed, tested, and distributed far into the future – years or decades! Being able to do so easily helps facilitate building products and services based on Eclipse technology.

Conference calls are still important even though other technologies such as Skype, Google Voice, MSN voice chat, and other technologies are available. My colleagues and I have recently set up another well-managed facility at Eclipse using the open source PBX, Asterisk. This facility enables people to discuss items with a large team of people. The facility allows a variety of ways to connect including voice over ip (VoIP) protocols, as well as traditional Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) with numbers all around the world.

Each of these initiatives has the same root goal: make it even easier for people to contribute to Eclipse projects.

  1. Gerry Grant permalink

    Good to hear about the developments. Would like to know more about the conferencing facility set up sometime.

  2. Glad to discuss Gerry. We’re very pleased with the rich features, flexibility, and quality. The savings are very much appreciated as well. I’ve used it elsewhere with similarly excellent results making me a big fan of Asterisk.

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